Everest NoStench™ Sponge

Guaranteed Against Stinking for 90 Days!!!



Our 90 day NoStench™ sponge is almost too good to be true! NO stench, NO harmful chemicals, NO residues and NO SHIPPING CHARGES!

Standard kitchen sponges begin to smell foul within a few days use. That awful smell comes from the 10 million bacteria per square inch found in the typical sponge, making the kitchen sponge the dirtiest thing in the most homes. And you use that filthy sponge to “clean” things in your kitchen then throw it away because you can’t stand the smell.


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You (and your family) will be happy you did!


I had such a problem with smelly dish rags and sponges. We had no dishwasher, so I washed all dishes by hand three times a day and felt like I was constantly throwing away sponges because of the smell. I've had my Everest sponge for about a year now and it has never smelled! I love that I can use it without worrying about mildew or any other germs.


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