Announcing EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant and 5 Powerful Ways to Use it Today!


Today we announce our long awaited product - EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant. Our powerful antimicrobial protectant provides 360° of revolutionary surface protection on hard or soft surfaces with a physical killing (no poisons) of germs, mold, mildew & fungus that prevents future contamination for up to 90 days! 

Standard cleaning & disinfecting practices attempt to control germs by using chemicals that poison and kill the germs. While effective in the moment, these poisons are also poisonous to us. We clean the dirty surfaces around us on a regular basis with these harsh and dangerous chemicals. That is a reactive approach that provides vanishing benefits.

Even the best disinfectants do NOTHING to prevent future contamination.  Your “clean” surface gets re-contaminated as soon as someone touches it! 

EV360™ can be applied to virtually any surface.  To maximize the future protection each time you use it, we recommend following our simple 4 step Everest Protection System™

  1. Disinfect: Clean surfaces and disinfect with Vital Oxide® (or equivalent)

  2. Protect: Mist spray EV360™ evenly over clean surface & let dry

  3. Live Protected: Maintain your treated surfaces with normal cleaning.  Use Everest™ Pre-treated Sponges & Microfiber Cloths for great chemical free cleaning (the surface is protected – all you need to do is clean away the visible!).

  4. Re-apply:  In about 90 days, just clean the surface and re-apply EV360™

Our favorite 5 ways to use EV360™ and the Everest Protection System™

  1. Kitchen surfaces: Spray it on counter tops, cabinet & drawer handles, the refrigerator/stove/oven/dishwasher handles and controls, sink and faucet, even the floor.  All of these surfaces can be protected from dangerous germs for up to 90 days per application.
  2. Bathroom surfaces: Protect the counter top, sink, faucets, toilet, tub, shower, shower curtain, and even the floor (particularly around the toilet when there are family members who have aiming difficulty!).
  3. Door knobs & light switches: These are some of the most touched surfaces in your home.  Make sure your family is protected from “shared” germs on these surfaces.
  4.  Shock Treatment for smelly athletic wear / laundry: If you or someone in your family has athletic wear that always ends up smelly and disgusting then EV360™ has a solution for you!  Just add 8oz of EV360™ to your washing machine rinse cycle when you wash that pile of athletic wear (or for the big odor problems you can mix 8oz with enough water to fully saturate the clean clothes in a bucket & let them soak for at least 10 minutes, then wring them out and dry them on a line or in your dryer).  Either way you decide to do it those athletic clothes will resist the bacteria that cause the odors, for the next few months! You can then use Everest Fabric Softener in all your wash loads to keep those clothes smelling fresh because Everest Fabric Softener has a maintenance level dose of EV360™ designed for ongoing protection from odor causing bacteria.
  5. Mold & Mildew: If you battle with mold and mildew anywhere in or around your house / car / trailer / boat then EV360™ is the special weapon you need to finally win that battle.  Just clean the mold or mildew off the affected surface using a great product like Vital Oxide (coming soon to the Everest online store!), and then spray the area with EV360™ to prevent it from coming back for up to 90 days!  Then in about 90 days all you need to do is reapply the EV360™ to continue that great protection.  There won’t be the need to scrub away mold and mildew because it won’t be there!

    The Everest™ Solution: EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant provides 360° of revolutionary surface protection with a physical killing (no poisons) of germs, mold, mildew & fungus that prevents future contamination for up to 90 days*!  With EV360™ Antimicrobial spray - your surfaces continue to remain disinfected! 

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