Everest Microbial Defense™ On The Go



Read this post to find out ways you can use Everest™ outside of the home!

The home is a marvelous place to use Everest Microbial Defense™. There are countless benefits when you use it in your home, but the uses can reach outside of the home too.

In our blog post on making your home more child-friendly, we mentioned how Everest Microbial Defense™ can be used on your child’s toys to protect them from becoming a petrie dish of bacteria. This protection does not end when that toy goes through the front door. In fact, outside the home, in places such as school, other homes, or playgrounds, Everest Microbial Defense™ will be confronting and killing more germs than in your own home. Without Everest Microbial Defense™, those toys can pick up germs from touch points at all of those places.

Everest Microbial Defense™ can also be used outside of the home on your child’s car seats. Car seats can be a resting ground for anything from food crumbs and spilled milk to tissues from a runny nose. Shielding your child’s car seats from these germs, bacteria and possible viruses can be easy with Everest Microbial Defense™. First, you can use our Laundry Shield™ by Everest Microbial Defense™ (available June 15th!!) to wash the washable part of the car seat and keep odors from mold and mildew off of your child’s car seats. Then, you can spray with our EV360™ Antimicrobial Spray (available July 1st) to shield from your daily errands, runny noses, and spilled milk.

Everest Microbial Defense™ can also shield you at work. If you work with a computer at all throughout the day, your keyboard becomes a cesspool of everything you touch before you come into contact with those keys. If you work in an office, chances are you are coming in contact with different people throughout the day with different germs and bacteria on their hands. Bringing Everest Microbial Defense™ to work, and using it not only on your keys, but your work surfaces, can help you fight against those germs. Arm yourself against viruses, like the flu, that spread easily though offices by bringing Everest Microbial Defense™ to work.

Everest Microbial Defense™ can also come in handy for your small business. Whether you run a restaurant or manage a gym with exercise equipment, Everest Microbial Defense™can fight against all those different kinds of germs and bacteria. In a restaurant, you can use Everest Microbial Defense™ in the kitchen, and on your tables to safeguard your customers from passing germs from one person to the next. In a gym, it is hard to keep exercise equipment clean when multiple people are using machines and weights. Not everyone is diligent about decontaminating workout equipment after they use it. When arming your gym with Everest Microbial Defense™, you do not have to depend on your customers and employees to efficiently clean the equipment. Count on Everest Microbial Defense™ to keep that workout equipment germ and bacteria-free for 90 days.

The uses for Everest Microbial Defense™ are universal. There are countless ways to shield and arm your life against disease and bacteria. Almost any place that you find germs, you can use Everest Microbial Defense™ to knock out those germs. Get started and fight a better fight against germs with Everest Microbial Defense™.