Announcing Everest Antimicrobial 24hr Hand Purifier™ and Laundry Shield™!


Everest™ Family, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to two new products we’ve added to our shop. We believe that they will literally change your lives as they solve two very important problems most of us face on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

Everest’s Antimicrobial 24hr Hand Purifier™

Hand sanitizers are a common item in restaurants, most work out facilities, grocery stores and even mom’s handbag. But the fleeting effectiveness of these hand sanitizers - and their impact on the health of your hand is largely unknown. Just like the cleaners you use in your home, hand sanitizers are only effective once wet. Most hand sanitizers are alcohol based and they evaporate too quickly to actually sanitize your hands. What’s more traditional hand sanitizers dramatically change the ph of your hands damaging your hands natural defenses.

There's a better way: with 24 hour protection once applied, our unscented Hand Purifier is a powerful protective agent for your hands. It does not disrupt your skin’s natural defenses and provides long lasting, non-toxic protection for 24 hours. The applications for this revolutionary product are endless. Going to a meet-and-greet? Sending the kids to daycare? Working with food? Go with confidence knowing you’re not going to bring anything unwanted home with you on your hands.


Laundry Shield™ - Everest’s Antimicrobial Fabric Softener

As any athlete, mother, grandma, nanny or fisherman knows - laundry stinks. And there’s nothing worse than taking out a freshly laundered load only to smell - mold, mildew, or residual odors from yesterday’s wear and tear. Thankfully with Everest’s unscented fabric softener you prevent the odors caused by the growth of mold and mildew on every load of laundry you do. So you’ll never smell yesterday’s mess today! Simply add a cap full to every load you do along with your detergent and voila! Goodbye to yesterdays smell and hello to a fresh today!

Wonder why we’ve chosen to leave our antimicrobial fabric softener unscented? There’s good reason. Fragrance is responsible for the most harmful toxic chemicals we allow into our homes. What’s worse - they’re really just there to cover up the smell of yesterday’s mess giving you a false sense of clean. Embrace non-toxic powerful protection with Everest’s Odor Controlling Fabric Softener!

We can’t wait to get these products into your hands and your home!! See the difference for yourself - order today!

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