Myth 2: If It Smells Clean, It Must Be Clean

This blog post is the second in our Myth Busters series!  To read the first post, click here!

This blog post is the second in our Myth Busters series! To read the first post, click here!

Ah, the wonder of smell.  It is one of our 5 senses, and it can bring both joy and disgust into our lives.  Joy from those pleasant smells that trigger fond memories of Grandma baking an apple pie on a fall day, or the pleasant salty smell of the beach that reminds us of wonderful vacation.  But smells can also cause our stomachs to turn.  We can be disgusted by the smell of rotting garbage, stinky socks or mildew on the clothes we forgot to take out of the washer and put into the dryer.

The simple truth is that our sense of smell is a wonderful gift.  It informs us of things that we like and want, and warns us of things that could harm us.  But many people today make the false assumption about cleaning that “if it smells clean, it must be clean”.  

This really is a myth that has been promoted heavily by the cleaning products industry.  You don’t have to look far to see claims about how effective a certain cleaning product is due to it’s “fresh island breeze scent” or it’s “lemon scent leaves your bathroom smelling clean and fresh”.  This constant scent advertising has conditioned us to believe that if it doesn’t smell like a lemon or an Irish spring it can’t possibly be clean.

The danger in this thinking is that the “fresh lemon scent” has nothing to do with how clean the bathroom is, it is only a perfume that has been added to the product to mask offensive odors that are usually caused by bacteria.  So it leaves you with the impression that it is clean.  But is it really clean under that pleasant aroma?  What happens when the added scent dissipates?  Is the original smell still there?  Did it ever really leave?  How can you tell?  That is the magic of the added scent, it simply camouflages the real problem.

The added scent found in most products is often among the most toxic part of the product and can also cause discomfort or even distress for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Wouldn’t it be better to use products that don’t have artificial scent added to them, but actually worked and removed the cause of the malodor?  We at Everest™ think so.  That is why we do not add any artificial scent to our products.

We salute your quest to find cleaning and laundry products that DO NOT have added artificial scent.  Don’t fill your home with those unnecessary chemicals and fumes.  We believe that clean has a smell all it’s own, and it is pretty wonderful!

The Everest™ Solution: EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant provides 360° of revolutionary surface protection with a physical killing (no poisons) of germs, mold, mildew & fungus that prevents future contamination for up to 90 days*!  With EV360™ Antimicrobial spray - your surfaces continue to remain disinfected! 

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Announcing EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant and 5 Powerful Ways to Use it Today!


Today we announce our long awaited product - EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant. Our powerful antimicrobial protectant provides 360° of revolutionary surface protection on hard or soft surfaces with a physical killing (no poisons) of germs, mold, mildew & fungus that prevents future contamination for up to 90 days! 

Standard cleaning & disinfecting practices attempt to control germs by using chemicals that poison and kill the germs. While effective in the moment, these poisons are also poisonous to us. We clean the dirty surfaces around us on a regular basis with these harsh and dangerous chemicals. That is a reactive approach that provides vanishing benefits.

Even the best disinfectants do NOTHING to prevent future contamination.  Your “clean” surface gets re-contaminated as soon as someone touches it! 

EV360™ can be applied to virtually any surface.  To maximize the future protection each time you use it, we recommend following our simple 4 step Everest Protection System™

  1. Disinfect: Clean surfaces and disinfect with Vital Oxide® (or equivalent)

  2. Protect: Mist spray EV360™ evenly over clean surface & let dry

  3. Live Protected: Maintain your treated surfaces with normal cleaning.  Use Everest™ Pre-treated Sponges & Microfiber Cloths for great chemical free cleaning (the surface is protected – all you need to do is clean away the visible!).

  4. Re-apply:  In about 90 days, just clean the surface and re-apply EV360™

Our favorite 5 ways to use EV360™ and the Everest Protection System™

  1. Kitchen surfaces: Spray it on counter tops, cabinet & drawer handles, the refrigerator/stove/oven/dishwasher handles and controls, sink and faucet, even the floor.  All of these surfaces can be protected from dangerous germs for up to 90 days per application.
  2. Bathroom surfaces: Protect the counter top, sink, faucets, toilet, tub, shower, shower curtain, and even the floor (particularly around the toilet when there are family members who have aiming difficulty!).
  3. Door knobs & light switches: These are some of the most touched surfaces in your home.  Make sure your family is protected from “shared” germs on these surfaces.
  4.  Shock Treatment for smelly athletic wear / laundry: If you or someone in your family has athletic wear that always ends up smelly and disgusting then EV360™ has a solution for you!  Just add 8oz of EV360™ to your washing machine rinse cycle when you wash that pile of athletic wear (or for the big odor problems you can mix 8oz with enough water to fully saturate the clean clothes in a bucket & let them soak for at least 10 minutes, then wring them out and dry them on a line or in your dryer).  Either way you decide to do it those athletic clothes will resist the bacteria that cause the odors, for the next few months! You can then use Everest Fabric Softener in all your wash loads to keep those clothes smelling fresh because Everest Fabric Softener has a maintenance level dose of EV360™ designed for ongoing protection from odor causing bacteria.
  5. Mold & Mildew: If you battle with mold and mildew anywhere in or around your house / car / trailer / boat then EV360™ is the special weapon you need to finally win that battle.  Just clean the mold or mildew off the affected surface using a great product like Vital Oxide (coming soon to the Everest online store!), and then spray the area with EV360™ to prevent it from coming back for up to 90 days!  Then in about 90 days all you need to do is reapply the EV360™ to continue that great protection.  There won’t be the need to scrub away mold and mildew because it won’t be there!

    The Everest™ Solution: EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant provides 360° of revolutionary surface protection with a physical killing (no poisons) of germs, mold, mildew & fungus that prevents future contamination for up to 90 days*!  With EV360™ Antimicrobial spray - your surfaces continue to remain disinfected! 

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Myth 1: Alcohol Hand Sanitizers Protect Me From Germs

Are you one of the millions of Americans who regularly use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer?  If you are, then you probably use the sanitizer when you are unable to wash your hands or because it is more convenient than washing.  Let me ask you a question……How many times in a day do you use the hand sanitizer?  Many people who regularly use hand sanitizer, use it several times per day.  Why is that?  It is because our hands get dirty numerous times throughout the day because we are touching things constantly.  When we touch something that we know is "dirty" or perceived to be “germy” we instinctively reach for the hand sanitizer to clean our hands and make us feel safe.

So let’s explore that safe feeling a little further.  We may feel safe after using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, but are we really safer.  And an equally important question is “how long am I safe?”  Here is the low down on alcohol hand sanitizers:

1. It doesn’t do what you think it does. Many people believe that using alcohol sanitizers keeps their hands clean.  If used properly they will rid your hands of most of the germs on them, but they do nothing to KEEP your hands clean.  In fact, leading experts say that alcohol sanitizers at best keep your hands clean for 2 minutes after use.

2. Two minutes really isn’t that long, what does that cover?  A song on the radio, that video you are watching on YouTube, the time it takes to walk from your parking spot into the mall.  When that 2 minutes is up your hands begin to become re-contaminated with every surface/thing/person you touch.

3. Alcohol hand sanitizers can actually be dangerous. Some of the alcohol from hand sanitizers is absorbed thru the skin and enters the bloodstream. Alcohol-based sanitizers typically are in gel form.  The gel acts as a carrier for the germ-killing alcohol.  The alcohol evaporates quickly from your hands, but the residue from the gel remains on your hands where it can actually help to attract dirt / germs, making your hands potentially even more contaminated than they were before you used the sanitizer. Another potential danger is that alcohol sanitizers are flammable.  The internet is full of videos showing alcohol sanitizers being used to start fires, or with kids playing with burning sanitizer.  Do you really want this stuff around your family? 

Alcohol may be effective against germs but it also changes your skin’s natural ph balance.  Your skin's natural PH level is about 5.5, which is slightly acidic.  After using alcohol-based sanitizer your skin is left between an 8 & 9 on the ph scale, which is alkaline, and it strips your skin of its natural oils.  The problem is that the slightly acidic natural state plus the natural oils in your skin are your skin’s natural defenders against infection and keeping things from absorbing thru your skin and into your bloodstream.

Everest Antimicrobial™ has a MUCH better solution………..Everest 24hr Hand Purifier works much better, is safer to use and has some major advantages over the leading alcohol-based sanitizers.  Here are some of those advantages:
    •    Unscented
    •    Protects from germs for 24hrs
    •    Does not dry out your hands
    •    No alcohol / not flammable
    •    No gel residue to attract dirt/germs
    •    Continues to protect even after hand washing!
    •    1 application / day is all you need (really!)
    •    Does not change your skin’s PH

Our smallest bottle of Everest gives the same protection as 7 gallons of leading alcohol sanitizer!

Intrigued? Check them out here:

Harness the Power of Antimicrobial Protection in your Car with Everest Microbial Defense™!


Getting a new car whether new or used is an exciting thing! You start with promises of upkeep: no food whatsoever, no drinks - and pledges to vacuum it out weekly! For a few of you, you will keep this up for the lifetime of your vehicle, but for the rest of us, slowly but surely weekly vacuuming trips turn into bi-weekly. The strict “no food ever” rule turns into, “no food that stains,” rule (especially if you have kids) and the cycle spirals from there. 

The good news is whether you’re the first type of person or the second Everest Microbial Defense™ may just be the best move you can make to protect the longevity of your car second only to a regular oil change. Using Everest Microbial Defense™ to treat the interior may help you have a higher resale value in the future, but will be sure to make your ride safer today.

Let us explain. We all know that cars start losing their value pretty much from the day you drive them off the lot. What we don’t realize is that there are SIMPLE measures you can take to ensure your car performs well in an assessment for reselling simply by protecting surfaces vulnerable to stains, mold, mildew and odor. 

When a dealer or broker assess your car they are looking for two things: significant mechanical issues and interior issues like smells, odors and stains that are beyond a deep clean. In addition to helping maintain the value of your car, you can also ensure everyone is having a safer ride by being protected from germs you pick up – and take with you throughout your day.

Here are a few steps you can take with various Everest Microbial Defense™ products to make your car better, longer! 

  • Treat the inside of the car immediately after a detailing or purchase.
  • Wash and cloth floor mats with our Laundry Shield™.
  • Treat weatherproof and cloth mats alike with our EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant to kill harmful germs (even superbugs!) we track in on our shoes. 
  •  Keep our 24hr Antimicrobial Hand Purifier™ on hand at all times so you’re never walking into or out of a potential petri dish without protection and then brining those germs into your car.
  • Treat the air filters to make your drive cleaner AND safer.
  • Use our Everest Microbial Defense Treated Microfiber Cloths to regularly maintain cleanliness of frequently touched surfaces: steering wheels, various buttons door handles, etc.
  • Immediately clean spills once they happen, and protect against future ones with EV360™.

Have more ideas?! Comment below to let us know!

Micro-what? Why We LOVE The Everest Microbial Defense™ Treated Microfiber Cloth

Although they are growing in popularity, many people still have not experienced the clean you can only get from a microfiber cloth. Read why we love them!

Although they are growing in popularity, many people still have not experienced the clean you can only get from a microfiber cloth. Read why we love them!

From sustainability and effectiveness, to ease of use we love our Everest Microbial Defense™ Treated Microfiber cloths. This versatile cloth is a breeze to use, uses the same powerful antimicrobial technology that protects you from germs on your sponge, and is completely non-leaching. That last part is really important, read on to find out why!


You can accomplish with one microfiber cloth what used to take you a bottle of cleaning solution and a whole roll of paper towels (or stack of questionably clean rags!). Simply wet the microfiber cloth and wipe down the desired surface or object. Then rinse the cloth and hang to dry! It really is that simple. What’s more you can start replacing those dirty, smelly cleaning rags or waste-bin of contaminated paper towels with a soft microfiber cloth that will never grow mold, mildew or odors.


From fishing gear to server ware, toilet seats to lap tops and cell phones, microfiber cloths truly are a safe and effective tool for every surface in your home and beyond! Because the antimicrobial treatment remains for the lifetime of the cloth, you’ll be cleaning with the same effectiveness on day one as day 31.


Microfiber cloths are growing in their popularity and for good reason, but buyer-beware! Everest Microbial Defense™ is the ONLY antimicrobial solution that never leaches – or falls off of the treated cloth onto your hands or other surfaces. Many of our competitors use the technology of silver ions which is poisonous to us and to our pets. Once absorbed into our body, silver ions keep killing as they are re-absorbed into cells time and time again.

Embrace the technology of Everest and grab a treated microfiber cloth today! We know after once use you’ll be amazed at the world of difference it makes!

Click on this link to learn more!

Three Dangerous Things You Touch Every Day - And How Everest Microbial Defense™ Can Help


According to the CDC, 80% of all infections are spread by hand to hand contact with contaminated surfaces. What are those contaminated surfaces? You can probably guess a few, but there may be a few of these that you did not think of.

1. Phones. According to a report issued by Verizon Wireless 9 out of every 10 people use their phone in the bathroom!  To make matters worse, it is not a surface we often think about cleaning regularly - if ever! Phones were even reported to be a contributing factor with the norovirus outbreak in 2007.

2. Computer keyboards. Or as we like to call it, toilet seat at your fingertips. It’s true! Your keyboard is one of those items that is dirtier than a toilet seat. Keyboards can be up to 200 times dirtier than your toilet seat. This can be especially hazardous if you let those lovely little hands work on them from time to time.

3. Bathrooms. Not surprisingly, this is about the most germ riddled place in your home. E. coli and toxins related to fecal matter have been found on every surface in the bathroom, including door handles and water faucets. Even cleaning with bleach only provides moments of protection only to be contaminated once again when someone touches it.

How Everest™ Can Make A Difference:
The CDC says the most effective way to stop the spread of germs - and keep you healthy - is by washing your hands, but even then washing your hands must take place for a full two minutes before you can be confident of any germ removal.  Everest Microbial Defense™’ has a revolutionary product that helps with every pain point mentioned above: our 24hr Hand Purifier. More effective than a hand sanitizer, while keeping your hand’s natural defenses in tact, our 24 Hour Hand Purifier works again and again even after multiple washing!

Everest Antimicrobial™ has a MUCH better solution………..Everest 24hr Hand Purifier works much better, is safer to use and has some major advantages over the leading alcohol-based sanitizers.  Here are some of those advantages:
    •    Unscented
    •    Protects from germs for 24hrs
    •    Does not dry out your hands
    •    No alcohol / not flammable
    •    No gel residue to attract dirt/germs
    •    Continues to protect even after hand washing!
    •    1 application / day is all you need (really!)
    •    Does not change your skin’s PH

Our smallest bottle of Everest gives the same protection as 7 gallons of leading alcohol sanitizer!

Intrigued? Check them out here:


Announcing Everest Antimicrobial 24hr Hand Purifier™ and Laundry Shield™!


Everest™ Family, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to two new products we’ve added to our shop. We believe that they will literally change your lives as they solve two very important problems most of us face on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

Everest’s Antimicrobial 24hr Hand Purifier™

Hand sanitizers are a common item in restaurants, most work out facilities, grocery stores and even mom’s handbag. But the fleeting effectiveness of these hand sanitizers - and their impact on the health of your hand is largely unknown. Just like the cleaners you use in your home, hand sanitizers are only effective once wet. Most hand sanitizers are alcohol based and they evaporate too quickly to actually sanitize your hands. What’s more traditional hand sanitizers dramatically change the ph of your hands damaging your hands natural defenses.

There's a better way: with 24 hour protection once applied, our unscented Hand Purifier is a powerful protective agent for your hands. It does not disrupt your skin’s natural defenses and provides long lasting, non-toxic protection for 24 hours. The applications for this revolutionary product are endless. Going to a meet-and-greet? Sending the kids to daycare? Working with food? Go with confidence knowing you’re not going to bring anything unwanted home with you on your hands.


Laundry Shield™ - Everest’s Antimicrobial Fabric Softener

As any athlete, mother, grandma, nanny or fisherman knows - laundry stinks. And there’s nothing worse than taking out a freshly laundered load only to smell - mold, mildew, or residual odors from yesterday’s wear and tear. Thankfully with Everest’s unscented fabric softener you prevent the odors caused by the growth of mold and mildew on every load of laundry you do. So you’ll never smell yesterday’s mess today! Simply add a cap full to every load you do along with your detergent and voila! Goodbye to yesterdays smell and hello to a fresh today!

Wonder why we’ve chosen to leave our antimicrobial fabric softener unscented? There’s good reason. Fragrance is responsible for the most harmful toxic chemicals we allow into our homes. What’s worse - they’re really just there to cover up the smell of yesterday’s mess giving you a false sense of clean. Embrace non-toxic powerful protection with Everest’s Odor Controlling Fabric Softener!

We can’t wait to get these products into your hands and your home!! See the difference for yourself - order today!

PRO TIP: use the code CELEBRATE for 20% off your order!


Take Off Your Shoes! Don't Let People Track in Superbugs Unawares

I Have This Thing With Floors  may show cute feetscapes, but once you know what's lurking on under those lovely loafers you'll have your own thing about leaving shoes at the front door!

I Have This Thing With Floors may show cute feetscapes, but once you know what's lurking on under those lovely loafers you'll have your own thing about leaving shoes at the front door!

Dangerous bacteria and germs can literally walk through your door. Just think of everywhere that you walk in one day. If you are not one of those people that takes your shoes off when you get in the door, or makes your guests do the same, read what we have for you here and do some rethinking….

9 different species of bacteria on the bottom of people’s shoes. In an ABC News article by Elisabeth Leamy, this study is explained and adds that the species of bacteria  found causes infections in the eyes, stomach and lungs. Bacteria is on our shoes. It is tough to believe what we cannot see, but the it lurks in the invisible micro-world.

Bacteria lives longer on our shoes than other surfaces. Apparently the more places we walk, the more we can pick up new germs and bacteria that feed the growth of the bacteria already there. The longer bacteria grows, the more dangerous and strong it becomes.

The bottom of a shoe is dirtier than a toilet seat.

Our shoes can carry pollen, pesticides, salmonella and bird feces. Microbes are able to thrive on shoes because of the nutrient-rich soil and other particles. In a CNN article Get Dangerous Germs Out Of Your Home, Erin Bucklan gives us more reasons why we should take off our shoes when we get home, and when we go to other people’s houses (like we need any more reasons, right?).  

90% of the bacteria found on the bottom of the shoes transferred to the floor in a house.  Ew! And germs are not particular about what surface they will latch on to. They will transfer to wood, linoleum, and carpet. Carpeting takes in even more germs because of the many nooks and crannies within. 

The bottom of a shoe is dirtier than a toilet seat. Do we really need to find any other things in our home that are dirtier than a toilet seat? I mean, come on! But this one makes sense with everywhere we are walking in a day, and all the dirt we can pick up.

A study at the University of Arizona that found 421,000 units of bacteria on the outside of the shoe and 2,887 on the inside. The study stated that the types of bacteria and viruses found on the shoe were, “Escherichia coli, known to cause intestinal and urinary tract infections, meningitis and diarrheal disease; Klebsiella pneumonia, a common source for wound and bloodstream infections as well as pneumonia; and Serratia ficaria, a rare cause of infections in the respiratory tract and wounds.” Check out CIRI also known as the Cleaning Industry Research Institute if you want to investigate this study, or others like it. No more evidence is needed to make sure you take off your shoes in your house or any house.

Don't want to take any chances of superbugs entering your home? Neither do we. Our floor mop kit is an excellent ways to protect your home from deadly, long-living microbes that impact our every day! Protect your floors with Everest Microbial Defense™ and enjoy peace of mind for 90 days. 



Drop The Sponge! The Traditional Kitchen Sponge May Be The Most Dangerous Item In Your Home

Read our post and find out why the traditional kitchen sponge may be the most dangerous item in your home!


Keeping a home clean today is a constant job. It is constant because we use tools in our home that harbor bacteria and end up making our home more full of germs than it was before! The kitchen sponge is one of those tools. Our treated sponge is not guilty of any of the disparities shared here because it is armed with our Everest Microbial Defense, take a look and see what your kitchen sink sponge is doing to your home.

In an article by Huffington Post Healthy living, they share the wisdom of Dr. Philip Tierno on sponges. He is the author of Secret Life of Germs, and professor of Microbiology and Pathology at NYU Langone.

Major takeaways:

  1. When you are cleaning and leave a sponge wet, new bacteria grows at a rate of once every twenty minutes until their net use.

  2. Even when cleaning after using vegetables in the kitchen, those vegetables might be carrying e-coli that can lodge itself within the sponge.

  3. Cleaning your dishes with a sponge does not make them clean. The bacteria and germs on the plate may be wiped off, but the existent and developed bacteria on the sponge transfers on to the plate a produces a top layer of bacteria.

Another prevalent article in dirty sponge awareness is from The Daily Mail. It details the work and studies of Dr. Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, and other respected microbiologists around the world.

Major Takeaways:

  1. There are 10 MILLION bacteria per square inch on a sponge used in the kitchen.

  2. There is bacteria sometimes found on sponges that can cause Guillan-Barre syndrome, a syndrome that can lead to a loss of movement.

  3. A kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

The daily mail also shares a multi-step process for disinfecting your sponge. But why subject yourself to extra work?

Cleaning your home is already enough stress without adding another bullet point to that to-do list. Everest Microbial Defensedoes not add to your to-do list. Everest Microbial Defense knocks out bullet points from that list.

Check out our major takeaways:

  1. With our EV360™ solution, the surfaces you use it on will stay and disinfect for 90 days. Protecting your home from those incoming germ and bacteria invaders.

  2. If you use our sponge pre-treated with EV360™, germs will not have a chance to grow.

  3. Our atom-sized spikes in our EV360™ solution are 99.96% effective at killing the dangers we cannot see - germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses. This is the same solution on our treated sponges, so say goodbye to 10 million bacteria per square inch.

Well, we believe the verdict is out. If you read this article, and you continue to clean your dishes and kitchen sink with that hazardous sponge, think of Everest Microbial Defenseand how you could be protecting you and your home from everything you are throwing at it.

Everest Microbial Defense™ On The Go



Read this post to find out ways you can use Everest™ outside of the home!

The home is a marvelous place to use Everest Microbial Defense™. There are countless benefits when you use it in your home, but the uses can reach outside of the home too.

In our blog post on making your home more child-friendly, we mentioned how Everest Microbial Defense™ can be used on your child’s toys to protect them from becoming a petrie dish of bacteria. This protection does not end when that toy goes through the front door. In fact, outside the home, in places such as school, other homes, or playgrounds, Everest Microbial Defense™ will be confronting and killing more germs than in your own home. Without Everest Microbial Defense™, those toys can pick up germs from touch points at all of those places.

Everest Microbial Defense™ can also be used outside of the home on your child’s car seats. Car seats can be a resting ground for anything from food crumbs and spilled milk to tissues from a runny nose. Shielding your child’s car seats from these germs, bacteria and possible viruses can be easy with Everest Microbial Defense™. First, you can use our Laundry Shield™ by Everest Microbial Defense™ (available June 15th!!) to wash the washable part of the car seat and keep odors from mold and mildew off of your child’s car seats. Then, you can spray with our EV360™ Antimicrobial Spray (available July 1st) to shield from your daily errands, runny noses, and spilled milk.

Everest Microbial Defense™ can also shield you at work. If you work with a computer at all throughout the day, your keyboard becomes a cesspool of everything you touch before you come into contact with those keys. If you work in an office, chances are you are coming in contact with different people throughout the day with different germs and bacteria on their hands. Bringing Everest Microbial Defense™ to work, and using it not only on your keys, but your work surfaces, can help you fight against those germs. Arm yourself against viruses, like the flu, that spread easily though offices by bringing Everest Microbial Defense™ to work.

Everest Microbial Defense™ can also come in handy for your small business. Whether you run a restaurant or manage a gym with exercise equipment, Everest Microbial Defense™can fight against all those different kinds of germs and bacteria. In a restaurant, you can use Everest Microbial Defense™ in the kitchen, and on your tables to safeguard your customers from passing germs from one person to the next. In a gym, it is hard to keep exercise equipment clean when multiple people are using machines and weights. Not everyone is diligent about decontaminating workout equipment after they use it. When arming your gym with Everest Microbial Defense™, you do not have to depend on your customers and employees to efficiently clean the equipment. Count on Everest Microbial Defense™ to keep that workout equipment germ and bacteria-free for 90 days.

The uses for Everest Microbial Defense™ are universal. There are countless ways to shield and arm your life against disease and bacteria. Almost any place that you find germs, you can use Everest Microbial Defense™ to knock out those germs. Get started and fight a better fight against germs with Everest Microbial Defense™.

The Height of Protection: Announcing Everest Microbial Defense™

Inside a beautiful home can lurk deadly germs. Read our latest blog post to find out why Everest Microbial Defense™ is the protection your family needs!

Inside a beautiful home can lurk deadly germs. Read our latest blog post to find out why Everest Microbial Defense™ is the protection your family needs!

The kitchen counters, the door knobs, the purse absentmindedly placed on the dinner table, even the shoes we forgot to take off at the front door - these seemingly insignificant items pose large threats to our family’s health. For many of us microbes are the sciency term for “germs” or, the things that make us sick. But the reality is these little microbes can be good, or bad, and while we give them no mind at all, our lives from the food we eat to the sick days we take are largely determined by these microorganisms too small to see.

Out of sight and out of mind:

We live our lives unaware of the impact microbes have on every aspect of our day. In fact understanding just what goes on at the microbial level changes our understanding of clean. Cleaned surfaces only stay cleaned while the surface is wet with solution. To truly protect your family from the threat of harmful germs you would have to literally clean every vulnerable surface in your home from the carpet to the bathroom sink every 10 minutes. Sound a little ridiculous? We think so.

What’s worse is the products we use to clean - from the floor mop to the kitchen sponge - are actually the largest culprits of harboring harmful microbes! There’s a better way. Everest’s EV360™ is a revolutionary antimicrobial protectant approved for hard and soft surfaces alike. Below are just three reasons of many why our products will change your life. 

Three reasons to choose our line of treated products:

    1.    Our line of treated products will keep your clean, clean without spreading germs to the surfaces you’re intending to protect. The average sponge harbors 10 million bacteria per square inch, and with a colony like that who knows what’s growing inside. Keep your sponge cleaning, not contaminating, with our antimicrobial sponge!
    2.    Unlike other antimicrobial treated products that are only protected for a few uses, our line of treated products retain their effectiveness for the lifetime of the item. That means your Everest™ antimicrobial sponge, utility scrubber, floor mop or microfiber cloth, will be reduced to fibers before it loses its microbial protection.
    3.    Finally, all of our products are safe enough to eat off of. Our non-leaching formula ensures that Everest’s EV360™ stays on the sponge, or cloth or mop for the lifetime of the item and isn’t shedding to unwanted places (like our hands!).

Even more protection is on the way:

From a 24 hour hand sanitizer, to a fabric softener that prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria and mold, even more exciting things are on the way. Don’t miss a chance to see the difference this product will make in every area of your life. Start experiencing the power of Everest™ in your home today!


5 Ways Everest Microbial Defense™ Makes Your Home More Child-Friendly

Many of us face a daily battle: between having a clean home full of toxic chemicals, or a home that looks clean, but has invisible germs lurking around every corner. That battle ends with Everest Microbial Defense™. Everest Microbial Defense™ gives you a  home protected from harmful germs for 90 days while reducing your toxic load making your home more chid friendly!